Weekend Fun in Sportsman’s Paradise

On your next day trip to Shreveport-Bossier, follow our schedule and you’re guaranteed to have a good time! Sit back and relax, we’ve done the planning for you.
Check out the Margaritaville Casino Resort as part of this fabulous Shreveport itinerary

Follow this Shreveport itinerary to good eats and great entertainment

Morning – Breakfast Time!

Located in the historic Highland District, Sevendipity Cafe is the ideal location to get your morning started off right.  Owners Scott Roebuck and Lizz Bowen don’t phone it in for this one.  Everything on the menu is made from scratch every single day, and the result is extraordinary.  They serve lunch and dinner (and cater, too), but what we really love is the breakfast.  With things like mimosa French toast, breakfast tacos with chorizo, and those pillows of heavenly goodness they call beignets on the menu, you can’t go wrong with starting your morning at Sevendipity.  But they’ve stepped it up a notch.  By now, you’ve probably heard of the cronut (the part croissant, part doughnut that started a craze throughout all of NYC last year).  Now, Sevendipity is serving up what may just be the first cronut (and cronut beignets) to hit the streets of Louisiana.  This sweet, melt-in-your mouth indulgence will only whet your appetite for what lies ahead on your Shreveport itinerary.

Noon – Take a Brewery Tour

One trend that we at VisitSouth are 100% supportive of is the rise of the local brewery.  Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport may just be one of our favorites.  Situated in the Shreveport-Bossier area, the brewery gives tours on Saturdays (they’re free of charge, but they do recommend you make a donation for the various animals rescues in the area).  If you’re a session fan, you do not want to miss the Southern Drawl.  This adorably named brew is a pale lager with the perfect amount of those delightful citrusy aromas that we’ve been craving all summer long.  Sip on a few, then grab lunch.  Oh yeah, did we mention that food trucks are always on site during operating hours?  If there’s ever been a win-win situation worth talking about, this is it.

Enjoy an evening at the Margaritaville Casino Resort in Biloxi, MS

Night – Roll the Dice

If you’re traveling with lady luck, head to one of Shreveport-Bossier City’s six riverboat casinos, including the newly opened Margaritaville Resort Casino to play the night away.  Spend the night playing slots, roulette, black jack, and all of your favorite games.  Of course, there’s more than just gaming at these resorts.  Spend the evening relaxing in a luxurious spa, lounge by pools, enjoy the river views, and eat at extravagant restaurants.  The perfect way to wrap up a day spent in Shreveport-Bossier.

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Photos courtesy of Margaritaville Casino Resort


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