A Couple’s Only Escape into Cajun Country

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When we travel, my husband and I like to go somewhere that allows us to experience new things, to take a step back, and to eat incredibly good food. The Louisiana border is only a short drive from our hometown, which makes Cajun Country, one of the best romantic getaways in Louisiana, the perfect place for us to escape when we’re in dire need of both a sanity break and a little “us time.”

Room for Two with a View

Where we stay is important; it sets the tone for the entire trip. I’m partial to bed & breakfasts. There are several B&Bs between Breaux Bridge, Henderson, and St. Martinville in St. Martin Parish. Choose from cottage-style digs to rooms with bayou views. No matter where you stay, B&Bs have the perk of both feeling like home and putting you in close range with locals who can recommend restaurants, things to do, and all of that great stuff you can only find in Louisiana.

The other thing we like to do (at least every once in a while) is camp. St. Martin Parish has tons of great campsites that offer everything from tent camping to cabins to resorts. We enjoy tent camping, but we do like to have a few modern amenities nearby. I don’t think my husband will ever let me live down our first camping experience in which I wore a pair of BCBG pumps. Needless to say, with amenities like free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, clean restrooms and showers, and pools, St. Martin’s camping conveniences serve me well.

 All She Wants to Do is Dance

Dancing at Cafe Des Amis is one fun thing to do in Cajun Country one of the best romantic getaways in Louisiana
Dance at Cafe Des Amis Saturday morning during the cafe’s weekly zydeco breakfast

So, ladies, definitely bring your heels (just don’t camp in them), because you’ll need them for hitting the town for dining and nightlife. While we’ve had three kids together, and the jig is totally up on that cute 20-something in makeup and sassy outfits my husband fell in love with once upon a time, I still like to shed the yoga pants and slap on a face to go out.

Once upon a time, we spent every weekend listening to live music. So, on these oh-so-rare, just-us weekends, it’s fun to get all snazzy and to feel like we’re 25 again, having before-dinner cocktails, checking out different music spots, and staying up way too late … (by late, I mean 10:30).

Thankfully, the live music in Cajun Country is just as resplendent as the cuisine, and there are more ways to fill those weekend nights (and mornings) than a body has weekends in a year. Needless to say, we’re in Louisiana, so we’re into hitting something with a totally local vibe to satisfy our live-music needs.

To start the morning off right, we’ll head straight to Café Des Amis in Breaux Bridge. Mimosas, zydeco dancing, and a decadent breakfast spread? Yes, please! If we want to keep our toes tapping, it’s time for a visit to the Joie de Vivre Café where there’s a Cajun Jam session every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Of course, if you like your live music with a side of local craft beer, spend the afternoon at Bayou Teche Brewing listening to local and regional acts.

For evening fun, The Atchafalaya Club in Henderson, La Poussiere in Breaux Bridge, and NuNu’s Collective in Arnaudville stand out as the kind of places we can have an authentically Cajun good time.

Daytime To-Dos

I’m not going to lie … we don’t bounce back like we used to, so we don’t blow all of our steam pulling all-nighters on the dance floor because we like to explore.

In Cajun Country, there’s something to do year-round, such as:

  • Bayou Teche Experience in Breaux Bridge where you can canoe down the Bayou Teche or Lake Martin
  • Cajun Country Swamp Tours where you drift through Spanish moss soaking in wildlife as Butch (or his son) imparts wisdom gleaned while earning degrees in Zoology and Botany
Paddle through cypress trees in Lake Martin in Cajun Country one of the best romantic getaways in Louisiana
Paddle through cypress trees in Lake Martin

Even though shopping isn’t huge on our itinerary, we like shopping around St. Martin Parish because there are lots of quirky, local, and exciting antique and art shops that have unique and special things that you just can’t find anywhere else (even the Internet).

The distinctive downtown areas are more than a little charming. St. Martinville was once known as Petit Paris due to its status as a cultural mecca, and it still retains much of the architecture of days gone by. Taking a stroll hand-in-hand with your honey is a whole new experience as you breathe in the gorgeous scenery of Acadian legacy.

Food: The Way to a Man (or Woman’s) Heart

I saved the best for last because we’re talking about Cajun Country, so you know the cuisine is going to be above reproach. Our only criteria for satisfying all of our boudin, crawfish, shrimp, po-boy, gumbo, and jambalaya needs are that the seafood has to be off-the-boat fresh.

Authentic, local bites refresh more than our palates; they refresh our souls. The food in Cajun Country soothes us from our head to our toes, and suddenly, we look at each other and think, “Yeah … we could handle another kid.” It’s that good.

Okay, so maybe you’re not looking to be inspired to add another kid to your family, but if you’re looking to have a fantastic, memorable, refreshing weekend retreat with your honey, then Cajun Country is the place to be. Check out the St. Martin’s Parish website, download the app, and start planning your sweet escape to one of the best romantic getaways in Louisiana today.  



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