House vs. Hotel

8 reasons to stay in a Special Occasion home by Sandbridge Realty

With the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the expansive Back Bay to the west, Sandbridge is a water lover’s paradise, which is exactly why people bring their whole crew to this charming, peaceful destination. So with big groups jumping at the chance to have reunions and family vacations in Sandbridge, our question becomes, “Why stay in a crowded hotel room when you can stay in a luxury oceanfront home for less?” When it comes to House vs. Hotel, we’ve got eight reasons the house always wins.

1. Room to Groove

Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love and adore your family, everyone needs their own space … and that’s ok! With multiple levels of living space (most floorplans have beds, baths, and gathering areas on each level), there’s plenty of room to spread out.  Having multiple gathering areas prevents everyone from being all together all the time. Everyone remains happy. Sanity remains intact. It’s a Win-Win!

Movie theater amenities in Sandbridge Realty vacation rentals on Sandbridge Beach

We loved it when one recent renter from Sandbridge Realty bragged about how nice it was“to send the kids to the first floor of the house to watch a movie in the theater room while the adults adjourned in the game room for adult beverages …“ Well played, fellow vacationers.

2. Rack up the Brownie Points

Enjoy amenities like outdoor pools in Sandbridge Realty vacation rentals

A family vacation means no time to get all romantic, right? Wrong, silly! Many private bedroom suites come with private balconies and incredible views of the ocean or bay. How many brownie points will you get for serving your honey breakfast on your private balcony watching the sun come up? Trust us, it’s a lot.

3. Kitchen

When you’re on vacation, going out to eat every night can get pricey. Staying in a home means you have large, spacious kitchens for preparing your own food.

One recent vacationer showed how fun it can be: “Each night a different family member planned the dinner theme, and the families all were responsible for one part of the meal.” Mexican theme with fish tacos and margaritas, anyone?

4. Dining

Enjoy beautiful interiors at Sanbridge Beach vacation rentals

The family dinner table is a tradition that some are trying to throw by the wayside, but not down here, y’all. Gathering around the table together means laughter and meaningful conversations. These are the memories you’ll share for a lifetime. So that’s another perk of staying in a large home: plenty of tables to accommodate your entire group at the same time.

5. Come on in, the water’s fine!

Some Special Occasion homes have indoor pools for year round use, so pack your bathing suit and get ready for Uncle Dave to outdo the kids with his famous cannonball.

6. Upscale Amenities

Enjoy great luxury amenities like pool tables in Sanbridge Realty vacation rentals

Staying in a luxury home means you’ll be living in, well, luxury. Many homes include:

  • Theater rooms with theater-style seating.
  • Gym rooms or exercise rooms.
  • Game rooms with pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables…all the fun kinds of tables, basically.

7. The More the Merrier…no, really!

Many homes offer doubled—up appliances—two refrigerators, two stoves, two dishwashers, and some even have multiple laundry rooms. We’re not saying these amenities make your home-away-from home better than your real home (but we’re not not saying it either).

8. Live Like a Local

While hotel staying gets you up-close-and-personal with strangers, being in a home with the ones you love puts you in a more relaxed state of mind. When you’re in a calm, peaceful mood, you can really lean into the charm of Sandbridge and enjoy it like a local.

  • Bring your bikes (or rent them) and travel the trails into the Back Bay Wildlife refuge to discover many different species of water fowl.
  • Rent kayaks and tour the inlets and canals of Back Bay – there is almost year-round use of both the ocean and the bay with a seasonally mild climate.
  • The unique location of Sandbridge gives you access to many farm-to-table markets, offering fresh local seafood and produce.
  • Nab some fresh doughnuts offered in the Sandbridge market .
  • Get out in the ocean and try surfing or stand up paddle boarding.
There’s something different about Sandbridge. It’s very peaceful, very family oriented. So if you’re ready to get your whole family in on the action, head to and start planning your vacation today!


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