Why a Sandbridge Beach Vacation Rental in Virginia Beach Equals Your Best Getaway Ever

If you have children, your travel life can be divided into a two periods: Before Children (BC) and Trying Not to Admit You Need a Minivan (there is no acronym for this; just an emoticon of a white flag). BC Travel probably entailed you and your spouse deciding on a Thursday night to hop in the car on Friday after work and take a weekend out of town. (You might have even owned a fun car for this.)

Enjoy a great family vacation with a Sandbridge realty vacation rental

Between that time and resisting the minivan, your travel tempo changed a little. I know ours has. As parents of young children, we used to feel we had two equally unappealing options for vacation. One was to leave the kids home for a few days; the other was to take the kids with us (so much for a romantic dinner with too much wine).

Vacation Rentals Solve all the Problems

Thankfully, thanks to the miracles that are vacation rentals, there is a third option, which is to take a big family vacation. Here’s why this third option is the best:

  • Your kids are there with you, so no separation anxiety.
  • Trusted family members (surely there’s at least one) are there and are usually more than happy to give you and that stranger you married a night or two out during your week away.
  • Instead of coming back from vacation and telling a glazy-eyed audience about your trip during the next holiday gathering, you all get to reminisce and laugh together at the experiences you shared.
  • The cost of a group vacation is staggeringly less than a private trip because you:
    1. Split the cost of the vacation rental
    2. Have all of the amenities of home, which means that going out for dinner and drinks is purely optional; instead, you have a veritable house party every night.

Honestly, need I go on?

No matter what time of year you choose to travel, a vacation rental is the way to go, and if you have small fries, making it a family trip is the best. I should add that vacation rentals are also perfect for:

  • Weddings, Corporate Events, and Reunions
  • Military families and friends wanting to reconnect and celebrate after a deployment

Enjoy a great family vacation with a Sandbridge realty vacation rental

The Delights of Sandbridge Beach Vacation Rentals

So, the next question becomes where do we go? Since it’s a group trip, sometimes it can be hard to get everyone on board with the same locale, but honestly, our favorite place—and a universally agreed upon “best place to relax” is the beach.

Sandbridge Beach or the “Outer Banks of Virginia” of Virginia Beach is a community of over 350 fully-furnished vacation rentals just 15 minutes from the boardwalk (so, imagine that pleasant, sunrise stroll every morning). They totally get that size matters, so you have options in terms of where you stay:

  • Condos typically sleep six guests
  • Houses can accommodate as many as 30 guests

Enjoy a great family vacation with a Sandbridge realty vacation rental

This is nice because not all families are built the same. When we travel with my husband’s family, if everyone comes, it’s a crowd; meanwhile, my side of the family wouldn’t need more than a condo.

The units are fully-equipped with the spoils of home including:

  • Gourmet kitchens
  • WiFi
  • Boat docks
  • Indoor/outdoor pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Movie theater rooms
  • Ocean or bay-front views

Enjoy a great family vacation with a Sandbridge realty vacation rental

Okay, most of these spoils I don’t have at home. The availability of amenities vary per unit, but when you search for your rental, you can select desired features (so if a pool table is a must-have, feel free to add it to your search).

The other thing I truly adore about Sandbridge Beach is that it’s low-key. In other words, it’s not a huge tourist trap; it’s more residential. While we are all about stuff to do (and while Virginia Beach more than provides great entertainment—for example, the Siebert Realty Party at the Pier is a great family-friendly summer beach music party), we, like most beach vacationers, are more than content to spend a week lounging, beaching, swimming, and taking it easy. What to-do list, am I right?

Enjoy a great family vacation with a Sandbridge realty vacation rental

If you’re looking for a getaway that will let you have it all, then a vacation rental at Sandbridge Beach is for you. Bring the family and spend a week or so relaxing in style without robbing yourself blind. As one who loves to travel with my kids but who also appreciates a little down time, vacation rentals are my favorite way to travel (minivan not required).

If you want a vacation that allows you to spend lots of quality time with family and friends while also having a little personal time, then check out Siebert Realty’s Sandbridge Beach vacation rentals. Order a Sandbridge rental brochure, and get ready for your slice of paradise.

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