Birmingham’s Bloody Mary Scene

The Bloody Mary is Alive & Well in Birmingham

Nothing says, “Good morning!” like Tabasco and pickled okra. Whether you need to settle your stomach from the night before, or you’re just looking to kick start your morning, nothing hits the spot quite like a Bloody Mary. Long a brunch-time staple, recipes for the cocktail are as varied as the people who enjoy them. Bloody Mary fans’ only choice until recently had been supermarket options that were sure to disappoint, or the same bottled mix served from behind the bar in their favorite brunch spot. With the rise of the made-from-scratch cocktails, drink scholars now have a plethora of choices on where to drink their veggies.

Southern Travel Southern Vacation Southern LifestyleThe Bloody Mary is a necessity of Southern legend and so, to accommodate the thirst for this scrumptious, red concoction, here are two of the best places in the city of Birmingham to get a fix. They’re not only sure to make any Bloody Mary connoisseur’s mouth water, they’re the most stylish, and hands-down tastiest, places to support Birmingham’s artisan revival–with a Bloody Mary twist.

Some Like It Hot

Some restaurants offer a twist on the old-time classic. Like Jackson’s Bar & Bistro, positioned in SOHO (Southern Homewood), they have an Asian Mary that isn’t for the faint of heart. Served with Oddka Wasabi vodka and a spicy tomato mix; we’re talking clear your sinuses zesty. If you’re not so big on the spice, they also have a classic creation that’ll please any Bloody Mary lover. For a special treat, come during the Christmas season and, from your table, you’ll be able to see the giant Christmas tree with twinkling lights in the town square. But visiting SOHO has its benefits year round. Just behind Jackson’s is 18th Street, which is filled with clothiers, specialty coffee & chocolate shops, and antique stores. If you’re not careful, you can unwittingly spend all day downtown wandering through the shops & restaurants. In that case, head back to Jackson’s and enjoy a crispy pizza from their wood-burning oven, a high gravity beer, and live music in the square every Friday night.

The DIY Cocktail

Wandering around the Lakeview District of downtown Birmingham puts you at the heart of contemporary, urban dining and entertaining. If you have a Bloody Mary hankering, FIVE Bar may be the ideal place to appease your appetite. They have an array of talented bartenders who are constantly mixing up their own versions, as well as a brunch-time Bloody Mary Bar to please even the fussiest of patrons. Worcestershire? A kick of horseradish? Olives or Celery? You decide. While you’re there, make sure you try their soon-to-be-famous brunch, like Ms. Anne’s chicken honey walnut waffles with whipped butter & maple syrup; or blackened Gulf shrimp & Conecuh sausage, sizzling onions & bell peppers, tossed together and served over gouda-goat cheese grits. After you’ve had your fill of cocktails and their decadent brunch offerings, you can step right outside the door of the restaurant and walk a few blocks to Good People Brewery or Avondale Brewery for some Birmingham craft beer. If you’re there April through December, join families across Birmingham who flock to Lakeview to visit Pepper Place Market, Alabama’s largest famers market, to buy local produce & goods; it’s located just around the corner from FIVE.

Other Notable Birmingham Bloody Mary’s:

1. Mudtown, Cahaba Heights

3. Black Market Bar, Colonnade Parkway

4. The J. Clyde, Five Points

It wouldn’t be a Southern weekend morning without a Bloody Mary for … er, I mean, with breakfast. Head to any spot on this list, and you’re sure to find that the Blood Mary is, in fact, alive and well in Birmingham.

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