Dine With Mississippi’s Top Chefs

There is a very real malady going around right now, and you better beware.  It’s contagious.  Don’t know if you’re familiar with Spring Fever, but it’s a very real thing.  But there is a cure for it.  This spring, plan an adventure or spring fling, if you will, for the family.  Here’s one remedy for that case of cabin fever you may have been harboring this unusually cold winter.  Take the family on a culinary tour to taste some of the offerings from Mississippi’s top chefs.

Plan your Culinary Itinerary

This season of all things sunny is a great time to try out a new restaurant or revisit a beloved one.  As you put together your itinerary or game plan, you have plenty of grand options.  Check out some  great out-of-the-way eateries or try that new place that has come into town.  But one way to make sure that your adventure is one that will be remembered is to enjoy the fabulous work from some very talented chefs that hail from our grand state.  Here in our Southern homeland we are fortunate to have some world-renowned chefs that can cook up a pretty mean dish.  Robert St. John and Ty Thames are very accomplished chefs that bring their talents to a very hungry and grateful dinner table daily.  If you’re looking for a little springtime fun, take a trip to try out one of their restaurants.  It will definitely be worth the ride, and your stomach will certainly thank you for it.  So make plans to dine with some of Mississippi’s Top Chefs, and make it a real adventure by getting each member of the family to offer a rating or describe their favorite dish.  Make this your own reality show.

Robert St. John

Robert St John, one of Mississippi's Top Chefs and owner of many fine restaurants

Hattiesburg native, Robert St. John, is a chef extraordinaire, acclaimed writer, accomplished restaurateur, and self-proclaimed world eater.  For two decades, St. John has been the executive chef, CEO, and president of some of the tastiest places in the Hub City, including the Purple Parrot Café, the Crescent City Grill, and the Mahogany Bar in Hattiesburg and Meridian.  If you’re lucky enough to catch his weekly column, you’re in for some good recipes, lots of humor, and top culinary tips.  If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a dinner at one of St. John’s fine establishments, then count yourself really lucky because you won’t find a more delicious meal in some of the warmest and inviting environments.  St. John was named the state’s top chef in 2006 and 2007 by Mississippi Magazine, and the Purple Parrot was named the best fine dining restaurant in the state in 2007.  So, you know you’re in pretty good hands when you stop in to dine with St. John.  Plus, he’s traveled around the world and picked up a few culinary tricks of the trade that you’ll enjoy.  Stop by the Purple Parrot Café and enjoy a delicious main course of Gulf Fish, Sea Scallops, Lamb, or whatever your pleasure–always complemented with tasty side items.  Check out the Crescent City Grill and try out The Swamp Thing, Fried Green Tomato and Crabmeat BLT, some of the Bayou Favorites, or any of the mouth-watering entrees.  Pop over to the Mahogany Bar and enjoy the Late Night Menu of yummy sandwiches and fries that will go great with your preferred libation.  Just to make it simple–you can’t go wrong at ANY of St. John’s restaurants.  There’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.  If you’d like to find out more about St. John and his many fine restaurants, please visit RobertStJohn.com.

Ty Thames

Ty Thames, one of Mississippi's Top Chefs and owner of many fine restaurants

Chef Jonathan “Ty” Thames is a Mississippi native that has received  his culinary training around the world and served kitchen time in some pretty swanky and impressive restaurants around the globe.  But it was always his dream to come back to his home state to open a restaurant.  Those dreams led him to Starkville, and diners everywhere are certainly grateful for it.  This highly acclaimed chef believes in  using only the most natural ingredients to bring the healthiest and tastiest dishes to his diners.  Together with a fellow from his own hometown, Brian Kelley, that he never had the pleasure of meeting until their college days, the two Mississippi boys own four of the finest eating establishments around—Bin 612, Restaurant Tyler, Zorba’s Greek Tavern, and Rock Bottom Bar and Grill.  Journey to Starkville and check out Bin 612 where you’ll be served with exotic entrees or familiar classics.  A definite “must” is a visit to Restaurant Tyler where you’ll be treated to waffles and things, salads, blue plates, sandwiches, and so much more.  Make your way to Zorba’s Greek Tavern and taste the exotic Mediterranean fare.  Stop in for the evening at the Rock Bottom Bar and Grill to enjoy delicious hoagies and sliders to go along with whatever you’d like to wet your whistle.  It’s a pretty safe bet to say that if you go to any restaurant associated with Thames and Kelley, you’re gonna love whatever you get.  For more information about Thames, Kelley, and their restaurants, please visit: EatLocalStarkville.com.

So make a game plan.  Hit the road and try out some of these mouthwatering little gems or stop at that place that you’ve been meaning to try.  You’re gonna love what these Mississippi chefs have cooked up just for you.  But remember—we’re not suggesting you try out all the selections or restaurants at one time.  Make the adventure last and spread out the visits and food choices.  It will be the start of a grand adventure.


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