Simple, Southern Margarita

Try this simple and delicious margarita recipe for a refreshing cocktail fix

Summer in the South is hot.  So hot that “Hotter than a June Bride in a Feather Bed” is an actual Southern saying (if you need help translating what’s being said during your visit, we totally understand).  We’re not saying it’s not worth a trip, because it most certainly is (the Lord gave us all this cool, Gulf water for a reason).  But when you do come down this way, it wouldn’t hurt to have a cold cocktail recipe in your repertoire.  Enter the Simple, Southern Margarita.  


3/4 cup partially thawed limeade concentrate
1 12 oz beer (we prefer a Mexican Cerveza)
3/4 cup tequila
3/4 cup water
Ice cubes, optional


In a pitcher, combine ingredients, (except for the ice) to desired consistency. Pour into margarita or highball glasses.  Garnish with salt and lime slices if desired.

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