Top 5 Ways to Explore New Orleans Plantation Country Swamps

Explore wet and wildlife in Plantation Country’s bayous, canals, and swamps at your pace.


A visit to any one of the 10 beautiful touring plantation homes in New Orleans Plantation Country will offer you a unique perspective into the lives of the plantations’ former owners and residents. Meanwhile, a visit to the nearby swamps, marshes, bayous, and lakes will offer you an equally interesting perspective into the often-unruly, yet stunning wildlife of Louisiana. Make a tour of the New Orleans Plantation Country swamps and wetlands part of your visit because from Big Al, the local 13-foot alligator, to Julie Brown, the voodoo priestess with a grudge, there’s as much intrigue to the history of the tour as there is to what Mother Nature has to offer.

Take a swamp tour with Cajun Pride
Cajun Pride Swamp Tours

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours

On her dying day in 1915, voodoo priestess and disagreeable neighbor Julie Brown sang, “One day, I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me.” As it turns out, “the oracle” as she was known in life wasn’t joking. A hurricane swept through the town that very day killing hundreds. You’ll get the whole story on a tour of the Manchac Swamp. From your vantage point in a covered pontoon boat, you’ll not only learn about Julie but you’ll also learn about local wildlife and the mysterious town of Frenier. You’ll also get the opportunity to hold a baby gator!

Enjoy a fun swamp tour with Airboat Tours by Arthur
Airboat Tours by Arthur

Airboat Tours by Arthur

Bounce along Louisiana’s waterways on an exciting airboat ride. Zip through marshes, canals, and bayous and enjoy the unique tapestry of Louisiana’s aquatic wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, in addition to the moss covered cypress forest that’s buried deep in the swamp, you’ll also have the opportunity to say hello to Big Al, the 13-foot alligator who has no problem coming to say hello right by the boat.

See the Louisiana wetlands on a swamp tour

Wild Louisiana, LLC

Get up close and personal with the Louisiana wetlands on a paddle tour. Kayak or canoe through Louisiana’s lush, green ecosystem and discover Ruddock, a once-thriving logging community turned ghost town. Get an unfettered view of gators and other Louisiana wildlife.

Not to worry if you’re a novice paddler; the adventure’s safe for beginners. An experienced outdoorsman who’s as well-versed in boat safety and survival as he or she is in knowledge of local habitats will be your guide. Wild Louisiana Tours include photo workshops and fishing charters.

See gators on a fun swamp tour near New Orleans in Louisiana

Swamp Adventures

Take a fast-paced airboat ride (that’s swift but not so swift you can’t take it all in) through the swamp. Let experienced guides illustrate the immense heritage, culture, and nature depicted in Louisiana’s wet and wildlife. Tales of the swamp will serve as entertainment while you cruise through the habitat of several large gators.

Pleasure Bend Nature Tours

Get intimate with Lake Des Allemands, one of Plantation Country’s most visited lakes. Lake Des Allemands borders several parishes and teems with an abundance of wildlife and local history.  Pleasure Bend Nature Tours are customizable, so go on a fishing adventure or take a sunset cruise and discover nature your way.

By taking a swamp tour, you discover the lesser-seen wet and wild side of New Orleans Plantation Country. Most tours offer transportation from New Orleans and accommodate both large and small groups. So pick your pleasure, whether it’s a cultural history tour of a haunted marsh, a whipping airboat ride through the canals and the bayou, or a sunset lake cruise and get swamped in Plantation Country.

For details on “getting swamped” in New Orleans Plantation Country as well as the 10 beautiful plantation homes, visit the New Orleans Plantation Country website and get ready to bask in the culture of the bayou.