A Couples Retreat at Lake Guntersville

Plan a couples retreat to Lake Guntersville
Whether you have kids or it’s just you and your plus one, there are times when you need to get off the grid (or off the couch after yet another Netflix marathon). Once you decide that you need to get away, the question becomes where to? You want to go somewhere new … somewhere that can be special to just the two of you, and you don’t want to break the bank (who does, honestly?) So, why not go somewhere that’s low-key and laid back but stimulating, interesting, and exciting (so like a Netflix marathon but more physical)?

Vacation choices in Lake Guntersville

When you think “couples retreat”, you automatically think romance, strawberry-covered chocolates, champagne in the bathtub, and all of the other sensual clichés that are (in reality) painfully awkward. Real romantic moments are really just a matter of experiencing life together (champagne optional).

Lake Guntersville located in Northern Alabama is a simple-yet-exquisite natural escape where you and your darling can experience breathtaking views and natural splendor while being a stone’s throw away from the charming downtown area where there’s boutique shopping and fine dining.

Option 1: Go all in on your His & Hers getaway and take on each activity (and meal) as a pair.

Option 2: Bring a group of friends on a couples-only vacation. Guys hit the lake for some epic bass fishing while the girls shop the darling boutiques. Then everyone meets up for dinner. Win-win.

No matter which route you choose, Lake Guntersville is the kind of place where you can take your happiness one day at a time without any interruption (translation: it’s bliss).

Viist the beautiful Cathedral Caverns State Park near Lake Guntersville
Cathedral Caverns State Park

Wondering (& wandering) around

Cathedral Caverns State Park

With one of the largest openings as well as one of the biggest and most exquisite stalagmite formations (45 feet tall, 243 feet around), Cathedral Caverns is 493 acres of natural splendor that inspires all. Though you’ve already found the diamond in the rough with one another, gemstone mining post-tour will bring out your inner child. What’s more, you’re likely to find a treasure that can serve as a reminder of your trip together (and as a reminder of why you treasure each other … awe.).

See bald eagles and other amazing birds of prey in the trails around Lake Guntersville
Photo by Joe Songer

If strolling and handholding are two of your favorite past times, then hit the nature trails surrounding Lake Guntersville as the area is home to not only fishing and hiking opportunities but also sightseeing. Eagles nest at Lake Guntersville as well as other epic birds of prey. Book a tour through the state park system or just wander around alone (there are signs to help guide you). Learning together is growing together, am I right?

Visit the Jules J. Berta Winery at Lake Guntersville in Alabama

Jules J. Berta Winery

Remember when we mentioned champagne in the bathtub as being a romantic cliché? Well, there are no bathtubs at the Jules J. Berta Winery, but there are plenty of local wines available for sampling. The Jules J. Berta Winery is the first stop on the Alabama Wine Trail. Experience unique family-owned hospitality and discover that—hey—there’s more than muscadine grapes and wine grown and made in Alabama. The vineyard is the first producer of vitis vinfera wine grapes such as cabernet, merlot, chardonnay, petite Syrah, and others.

Bakers On Main
Bakers On Main

Spending time together spree

In boutique shopping destinations like Lake Guntersville, you can get cool wears and things that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether it’s a set of golf tees or a cool pocketknife for fishing or hunting or a new outfit for dinner on the town or something for the house, Lake Guntersville’s shops have you covered..

What’s great about this boutique-style shopping district of Guntersville is the intimate, old-town charm, so you can comfortably stroll with your main squeeze and ease in and out of shops like the Red Elephant Marketplace, Guntersville Outfitters, King’s Row Antiques, and others while picking up charming memorabilia to commemorate your holiday to Guntersville.

Of course if your shopping time is short and you can only hit one destination, then the can’t-miss gem is Bakers on Main, which comprises Café 336, a wine shop, other boutiques, and other fabulous spaces.

The experience at Bakers on Main as well as along the main strip is delightfully unique and certainly, as noted, not one to be missed…even if all you did come for was the food.

Enjoy delicious seafood at Crawmamma's in Lake Guntersville

Eating your heart out

Honestly, we can’t blame you if all you did do was come to eat as the Olde Town Stock House’s farm-to-table reputation is spreading like a wild, delicious fire (certainly, couples with children can relate to the highlight of a getaway being able to eat at a pace that doesn’t suggest the house is on fire…we digress). Pioneered by local-gone-big-city-come-home, Crystal McKone, the restaurant’s cuisine demonstrate’ a sophisticated combination of skill and passion for local ingredients. Seasonal menus pair with exquisite cocktails to make this venue a requisite indulgence for the epicurean couple.

For equally indulgent yet slightly less prestigious fair (you’ll know who you are based on how you just read prestigious), go locally awesome. Check out these hotspots:

  • Rock House Eatery: Gorgeous, green patio dining pairs well with expertly prepared food. Think pork chops, fish tacos, and whatever you can crave, and you’ve got the idea. Most of all, it will be well-prepared.
  • Crawmama’s: If dollar-bill decorated dives with killer seafood platters are your thing, then get ready to suck the juice out of the heads at Crawmama’s. Don’t have any hoity-toity expectations here; you’ll be sipping out of Mason jar. (And if you visit on a weekend night, you’ll be jamming to local bands while you eat (feel free to dance it off afterward).)

Of course, there’s lots more to the Guntersville wining and dining scene as well as the to-do list (like museums!). What you and your favorite snuggle buddy like to do is up to you, but you’d better believe, Guntersville has an answer for it.

Looking for a couple’s escape that’s equally rustic and comfortably romantic? Look no further than Guntersville where there’s high-quality cuisine to dine on, boutique shopping to indulge in, and exciting experiences (did someone say vineyard tour?) for making lasting memories. Visit the Marshall County CVB website and start planning your much-needed couples escape today.

Photos (with the exception of Cathedral Caverns State Park) courtesy of Marshall County CVB