10 Reasons Lago Mar is the Family-Friendly Vacation of Your Dreams

Relax in hammocks on the beach at Lago Mar resort in Florida
The best family vacations have something for everyone. Fun stuff for the kids to do, relaxing spots for Mom and Dad, and activities that the whole family can do together. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Lago Mar Beach Resort & Spa in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida—something for everyone.

Enjoy a fun family vacation at Lago Mar resort in Florida

Remember your last vacation with the kiddos? The one where you were sitting back and sipping your cocktail (you know, that delicious, fruity concoction with the umbrella)? The kids splashed in the pool—no arguments, no screaming “mom watch this!” 7,000 times in a row. Your husband and you conversed over luxurious glasses of wine at leisurely dinners. Each night ended with a family sunset walk on the beach, hand-in-hand, laughing about the wonders of the day …

… Of course you don’t remember that. That isn’t what real vacations are like. Let us guess–after your last vacation, you needed a vacation. Well, things are a little different at Lago Mar. A little more like that Instagram-worthy vacation you’ve been dreaming about. How are things so different here? We’re so very glad you asked … here are 10 reasons why Lago Mar is the family-friendly resort of your dreams.

 1. Playground on the Beach

Play on the beach playground in Lago Mar

The best seat in the house (besides with your toes in the ocean, of course) may just be at the tables situated down the Promenade Walkway. Here, parents can dine while watching their children play in the sand within a few feet of them or play on the playground. Remember the ancient art of talking to your spouse over a meal? You’ll love resurrecting it while you feast in paradise.

2. Miniature Golf Course

Play a around of miniature golf at Lago Mar resort

Is your family competitive? Challenge them to a game of putt-putt on the miniature golf course located right on the resort premises. Winner brings the others breakfast in bed, perhaps?

3. Beach Volleyball Courts and Games Galore

Need to go double or nothing? No need to leave the beach to get a rematch (or some exercise)—with the beach volleyball courts, you can play right next to the ocean! Plus, there’s a volleyball tournament every Friday if you want to show off your skills.

If you still need a good dose of family-friendly competition, grab a game of foosball, ping pong, corn toss, or shuffleboard. This time, we say the winner gets an extra scoop of ice cream!

4. Old Fashioned Soda Shop and Ice Cream Parlor

Speaking of ice cream, The Soda Shop serves up old fashioned charm with a full selection of ice cream and other desserts. They also have a specialty coffee bar, plus a great menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches for lunch. But you saw that we mentioned ice cream, right? What’s a vacation without ice cream? … ask your kids, they’ll totally agree.

5. Two Heated Swimming Pools

Enjoy heated pools year round at Lago Mar resort in Florida

Make sure you get in plenty of relaxation (and yes, a few of those screams of “mom, watch this” … you’ll miss it one day), at the pool. Lago Mar has two swimming pools: one spacious pool by the ocean and another lagoon-style pool complete with palm trees and an island in the middle with a setup for live music. Plus, they’re heated for year round perfection.

6. Giant Chess Set on the Beach

Noticing a pattern yet? So much of the vacation activities you want are right on the beach! Exercise your mind with a family game of chess on the giant chess board under the palm trees.

7. The Resort Shop and Children’s Boutique

It wouldn’t be paradise if there wasn’t plenty of shopping to do. And boy, is there! Yep, you’ll find any kind of vacation shopping your heart desires at Lago Mar, from apparel, home decor, and jewelry to the separate boutique just for kids. Plus, you’ll find a great gift to take home for every person on your list. Aren’t you just so thoughtful?

8. Free Holiday Children’s Activities

If your visit happens to be close to a holiday, there are always free activities for kids. Free is your favorite word too, right? Face painting, crafts, and movies under the stars are just a few examples of the fun waiting for kids (and kids-at-heart).

9. Hammocks on the Beach

Remember naps? Ahhhh … naps. After an action-packed day of swimming, shopping, and playing, let the waves act as your own personal sound machine as they lull you into your afternoon nap in a hammock on the beach.

10. Mother/Daughter Pedicures

Make sure the girls steal away to get some quality time and matching toenails with a mother/daughter pedicure at Lago Mar’s award-winning spa.

Bonus: Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Start your morning right with breakfast in the Palm Garden Dining Room. The buffet has something for everyone, including Mickey Mouse pancakes for the kids. Just don’t make any promises that you’ll make the same ones when you get back home—trust us, there’s no Mousekatool to help you follow through with that one.

Family-Friendly accommodations, an award winning spa, a beautiful Promenade Walkway where you can dine while the kids play … and everything is right on the beach! What’s not to love?
Are you ready to start planning your family-friendly vacation? Find out more about the accommodations, special events, and everything there is to do and see at LagoMar.com or 1-800-LAGOMAR.