Family Summer Vacation in Fort Morgan (Rover Included)

Fort Morgan beach rentals are family, pet, and margarita friendly!
There’s a big private beach house calling your name on the beautiful Fort Morgan peninsula in Gulf Shores. It’s big enough to comfortably fit your friends, family, babies (human and fur), and it’s tucked away from all the high rise condos that block your view of the stars.

The location

Enjoy beautiful beaches in Fort Morgan Alabama

Fort Morgan in Alabama is one of those magical places where beach going is a simpler, more relaxing experience. Smaller crowds, less development, and more laid back together time make it the perfect place to shed the stresses of your day-to-day and fully embrace the feeling of your feet being planted firmly in the sand … without worrying you might accidentally touch someone else’s feet in the group next to you because it is so packed with people!

This isn’t your typical beach vacation. It’s not about running around from attraction to attraction so that, by the time you’re home, you need a vacation from your vacation. This is the place you come to do some fishing, and kayaking, and hiking, and taking moonlight strolls down the beach and spending time with your friends and family! Because it’s less crowded, your chance of a dolphin sighting or a visiting heron is pretty high. This is about completely unwinding, kicking back, and really relaxing. Like that deep, uninterrupted, may never go back home kind of relaxation. This is the beach experience you’ve been waiting for. So, let’s talk plans…

The perks

Enjoy the dog-friendly beaches in Fort Morgan Alabama

Well, the first perk is, you’re on the beach! But after that there are a couple of other things that make Fort Morgan pretty special.

1) You can bring your dog—because they’re awesome and everyone wants a chance to frolic at the beach with their pup. Fort Morgan is the only dog-friendly beach in Alabama, so if you come here no one has to be left behind!

2) You can leave your tent on the beach overnight—just chill out and not have to worry about bringing it in every evening and having to set it all back up the next morning. Other beaches require you to pack everything up at sundown. Here you can stake out your spot for the whole week, like you own it!

Actually … before we continue doting all over Fort Morgan, let’s reiterate the importance of those two items …

Bringing your dog on vacation isn’t just an option for some people, but a requirement. Rover isn’t just a dog … he’s part of the family, and this is the family vacation. Rover goes or nobody goes. We totally get it.

Leaving your tent up overnight ensures you’ll keep your desired beach position all week long, and you won’t have to set the tent up every morning and break it down when you’re ready to leave for the day. That is a huge relief to tent toting beach goers! Dealing with the coolers causes enough trouble, any chance to lighten the load is not to be taken for granted.

The eats

Cook no-stress, relaxing meals in the fully-equipped kitchens in Reed Real Estate vacation rentals in Fort Morgan

As for food, when you have a large group going out to eat it can be more stress inducing than an election year (still too soon?). If you’d rather not gamble with long waits, “hangry” husbands, and fussy kids causing a scene, you don’t have to. Since you have a fully equipped kitchen (including a blender—remember those margaritas?) You can have dinner whenever you feel like it. This means no changing from your bathing suits to “regular clothes” (or having to find where you put those pesky shoes you haven’t needed all week).

There are plenty of places to pick up some groceries and fresh seafood on the way to your beach house, so with a little planning and prep everyone can have the meals they want without too much stress. If you’re doing a multi-family trip, you can split cooking duties and make it fun. The Smith family is in charge of breakfast for the week while the Joneses do lunch (just try to keep up with them). However you split it up, taking all the work off of just mom makes for smooth sailing all week long.

Try making things ahead of time and store them in the fridge or freezer for even easier meal prep for groups large and small (think pots of gumbo or shrimp creole, breakfast casseroles, enchiladas … you get it). Plus, be sure to have fun with the local fare while you’re visiting. You can’t go wrong with a simple shrimp boil or a fish fry at the beach.

Perhaps most importantly, when you’re staying in a home with your group, you can whip out the provided blender, and enjoy a refreshing margarita without worrying about who’s driving. I like mine top shelf with salt, if you’re offering.

The accommodations

Enjoy great beach views with Reed Real Estate vacation rentals in Fort Morgan

A Fort Morgan beach vacation is the perfect way to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your family. You have everything you need at a Reed Real Estate rental to facilitate good old fashioned family time and uninterrupted beachside relaxation and fun.

So what are you looking for in your family summer vacation?

Pet friendly

Boat friendly

Large Groups

Pool Access  

When you’re planning your family summer beach vacation, look to Reed Real Estate to hook you and your family up with the pet, boat, and margarita-friendly beach house of your vacation dreams. You won’t be disappointed!