Have an Adventure-Filled Vacay in Lake Charles Louisiana

Mix and match your faves or pick one of five fun itineraries for Lake Charles adventure.
Everyone loves going on vacation, but there are only about five people who love planning vacation, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to take care of that pesky detail for you. Choose from one of our five customized itineraries when you visit beautiful Lake Charles. Whether you’re a foodie, a nighttime rambler, a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or into the family-friendly, we’ve got your trip all planned; all we need now is you!

Have fun in Lake Charles Louisiana

What’s waiting in Lake Charles

Located in Southwest Louisiana, Lake Charles has a little bit of everything that defines Louisiana’s inimitable character. Here, you’ll find classic Cajun and Creole cuisine (and fresh seafood that can’t be beat), untouched marshlands, local festivals and festivities (there’s always a reason to celebrate in Louisiana), and high rolling nightlife. In a nutshell, it’s everything you know and love about Louisiana in one hot spot.

Visit beautiful Charpentier Historic District in Lake Charles Louisiana
Charpentier Historic District

Five itineraries

Each of the five itineraries for a Lake Charles, Louisiana adventure covers a different category, so pick your passion from the following:

These itineraries cover three days of adventure, and of course, you can customize whatever you choose to do to your liking (or hey, pick a day from each itinerary if you want to have it all). That kind of devil-may-care fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventurous spirit’s the kind of spunk we in Southwest Louisiana can respect.

Needless to say, you can also pick extra days from other itineraries, take a little longer on some things or what have you … just because our suggested itineraries are three days doesn’t mean we’ll kick you out after a long weekend.

A taste of the outdoors (and what our itineraries look like)

Go paddleboarding on Prien Lake in Lake Charles Louisiana
Paddleboarding on Prien Lake

Just to paint a full picture of what one of our itineraries looks like, we’ll show you what kind of fun a three-day outdoor adventure might involve.

  • Day 1: On day one, take a marshland eco tour or charter a professional fishing trip. See why Louisiana is called a “Sportsman’s Paradise.” If that’s not your cup of adventure, kayak or paddle board the Prien Lake or Calcasieu River.
  • Day 2: The next day, get ready to check out one of the two Creole Nature Trail itineraries. Yep, the itinerary has an itinerary. The reason for this is that there are over 180 miles of “Louisiana Outback” to be canvased in the area. The Creole Nature Trail itineraries are broken down into east and west side. You’ll have the opportunity to see bird species, gators, and other natural wildlife. Eat local or grab a bite on the trail and picnic on the beach. If you feel like getting your feet and fingers wet, we encourage you to give crabbing a shot. You might discover a secret talent.
Go crabbing in Lake Charles Louisiana
Photo by Lindsey Janies
  • Day 3: Have a relaxing last day. On day three, strap on your hiking boots for the trails or rent a kayak to take on the secluded rivers of Sam Houston State Jones Park. Play around on the disc golf course. Later, rent a bicycle and explore down town or take a charming horse-draw carriage ride around historic downtown. Conclude the day by refueling at any one of the area’s top 20 restaurants.
Explore Sam Houston State Park in Lake Charles Louisiana
Sam Houston State Park

Of course, that’s the all-outdoor adventure; if you prefer to break up the fun, pull a little boudin trail action from the Foodie itinerary or find a local event taking place on the Family Fun & Festivals itinerary (it doesn’t matter if you brought your real family, your secret family, or if you left both of them at home). We just want you to come, play, and have it your way, Louisiana-style.

Have fun at Chuckfest in Lake Charles Louisiana
Choose your own adventure itineraries in lovely Lake Charles are like those choose-your-own ending books you loved as a kid, except in this case, no matter what itinerary you choose the end will all be the same: a fabulous time! Check out the Visit Lake Charles website to learn more about our adventurous itineraries.