10 Reasons Virginia Beach is Everything Vacations Should Be

Virginia Beach is your new jam for bliss under the sun.
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There’s a lot of pressure on a vacation destination to check every one of your boxes. Aside from having plenty to do (for everyone in your group) for however long you plan to visit, it also has to have a wealth of places to stay that not only accommodate your party’s size but that are also as comfy and fancy as your own home (okay, maybe even a little nicer because … vacation). It’s a tall order, but it so happens that Virginia Beach is your “everything” beach vacation destination.

1. There are accommodations for every taste and style

Enjoy beachfront accommodations in Virginia Beach with Siebert Realty

One of the best things about Virginia Beach is that there are tons of beach houses and condos to choose from. The rental options are so plentiful that even the pickiest in your group would have nothing to fuss about. Filter your rental search by number of guests, length of stay, pet friendly options, and more to find the perfect digs.

2. The Hampton Roads region hits everyone’s must-do list

Enjoy a great nightlife in Hampton Roads on the Virginia Coast
Enjoy a great nightlife in Hampton Roads

If you need activities, look no further. In Sandbridge and Virginia Beach, there’s a ton to do ranging from historic towns and sites to amusement parks, museums to visit, and dolphin and whale watching tours to take. Not to mention, there’s a great nightlife on the resort strip!

A trip isn’t complete without rocking Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, and it’s safe to assume the kids will have a blast while the grownups take a fascinating tour of historic, world-famous Colonial Williamsburg. Kids and kids-at-heart will be all about sliding and splashing at Water Country USA, so save that amusement park for a day where the whole family is ready for adventure.

Didn’t get your fill of living history? That’s okay because Historic Jamestown is just up the road with lots of family-friendly fun. Visit an active archeological dig and more at the site of America’s founding.

We suggest planning to spend a few days in the Hampton Roads region visiting historic sites, taking dolphin and whale-watching tours, and more. There’s a bustling nightlife not to be missed on the resort strip (did someone say parents’ night out?).

3. Thill-seekers can go wild


Okay, we know that the roller coasters at Busch Gardens might be thrilling enough for some, but if you need to kick it up even more, nothing can beat:

  • Skydiving in Suffolk (or try a little indoor iFLY skydiving at the Virginia Beach oceanfront)
  • Scuba diving around wrecked ships in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Soaring high on Military Aviation Museum biplane rides in nearby Pungo
  • Bouncing or flying over the ocean blue on a jet ski or parasail

4. The outdoorsy types will feel right at home

Take a nature hike through the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach
Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

While most of your activities will be outdoors, there’s a big difference between say, kicking it on the boardwalk at a beachside café and taking a nature hike at the beautiful Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a 4,589-acre feeding and resting refuge for migratory bird species.

Don’t miss False Cape Park, which once belonged to Native Americans. On these historic lands, you can enjoy nature in all of its splendor. Take a guided kayak tour, or hike or bike park trails.

5. The canal and bay are sporting good fun

Meanwhile, sportsmen will find their pleasures kayaking, crabbing, and/or fishing on the canal and bay. Booking a fishing charter or fishing off the pier is a perfect family-bonding activity (and you get a delicious dinner out of the experience).

6. There are plenty of family-friendly amusements nearby

Speaking of family-friendly fun, a mere 15 minutes from Sandbridge is the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum and The Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium. You should definitely plan to stay all day because no one will get tired anytime soon doing the following awesome activities:

  • Seeing exhibits featuring North American River Otters, Loggerhead Turtles, Harbor Seals, Sand Tiger Sharks, and more!
  • Learning fascinating information at the National Geographic 3D Theater
  • Enjoying special behind-the-scenes experiences
  • Zip lining at The Adventure Park and trekking the aerial forest trails

7. The locals aim to please

While we’re pretty sure you’re here for the adventure, the nightlife, the beach …we also have to brag that our locals are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re more than happy to share some of their favorite to-dos around town and give you tips to make this vacation destination feel like it’s as much your beach as it is theirs.

8. Water sports are where it’s at

Try surfing on Virginia Beach

Speaking of the beach, isn’t it about time you get into the water? Slather on the sunscreen and get out into the Atlantic and enjoy some of the hottest water sports like:

  • Surfing (just try it, at least once)
  • Boogie boarding
  • Skimming
  • Stand up paddle boarding

9. It’s the escape you dream of year-round

Enjoy great accommodations in Virginia Beach with Siebert Realty

Whether you left the kids home with Grandma or you brought them along, Virginia Beach is seriously the respite you dream about year-round. You don’t need to be crowded into a hotel room; enjoy a condo or beach house with family and friends, embrace the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, and savor the crash of the ocean, the aroma of salt air ….

10. The beaches are the most beautiful

Enjoy a fun family vacation in Virginia Beach with Siebert Realty

Sorry, we got lost there for a minute, but that’s what Virginia Beach will do to you.  It’s a better escape than the finest glass of wine or the steamiest cup of coffee (although there’s plenty of that to enjoy here, too). It’s pure Atlantic Ocean against sand mingled with history, exploration, experiences, and new discoveries. It really is everything.

Treat yourself to the best beach vacation of your life at Virginia Beach. Check out Siebert Realty’s website to find the perfect condo or beach house for your sandy, sunny, oh-so-fun getaway!