Picture Yourself on the Cajun Coast this Spring

Centrally located and uniquely gifted by Nature, the Cajun Coast is the perfect place to experience all of the outdoor wonders South Louisiana has to offer.
Enjoy a beautiful sunrise and amazing wildlife at Lake End Park on Louisiana's Cajun Coast
Lake End Park

As spring gets underway, millions of birds take a pit stop in Louisiana on their return north. With an abundance of opportunities to spot over 300 known species throughout the Cajun Coast, birdwatchers will have a spectacular time as they (and their feathered friends) traverse St. Mary Parish, located on the Spring migratory flyway.

See amazing birds along Louisiana's Cajun Coast, located on some major migratory paths

While on the Cajun Coast, also take time to explore the culture and history offered. As part of the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area, you’ll see waterfronts dotted with fishing boats as well as the unique influence of the oil and gas industry. Taste the bounty as chefs prepare authentic Cajun cuisine—enjoy seafood fresh from the dock or find a restaurant where the chef prepares her grandma’s recipes.

In addition to rich history and unique culture, the Cajun Coast is the gateway to the natural beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp, the largest overflow swamp in the United States. Moss-draped cypress trees, majestic oaks, acres of bottomland hardwoods and over 170,000 acres of designated wildlife management provide easily accessible outdoor adventures.

Paddle the bayou on Louisiana's Cajun Coast

If you love canoeing, kayaking, or fishing, paddling trails are your ticket to unlocking the natural beauty. Enjoy major waterways, such as the 135 meandering miles of the Bayou Teche—part of the National Water Trails System—or discover a tiny cove brimming with abundant wildlife and photography opportunities.

Enjoy fishing on the Cajun Coast

Watch the sun rise and set with a fishing pole in your hands. All manner of fish can be caught any time of year, but some months are distinctly better than others. In Spring, take advantage of bass, catfish, and bream fishing.

Rather take a hike? The Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge is another opportunity to experience wildlife on the Cajun Coast. Created to preserve important habitat for the Louisiana Black Bear, the refuge also is home for many other native species.

Easily accessible but a world away, sample everything South Louisiana has to offer on the Cajun Coast. To start planning your trip today, head to CajunCoast.com.