Top 10 Reasons to Love the Gulf Coast

Enjoy beachside accommodations with Southern Vacation Rentals
While we aren’t sure of any scientific studies conducted to verify such claims, we feel pretty confident in saying that any kind of experience is much, much better when it’s beachside. Oh, sure, skeptics will disagree, but these skeptics are also people who are terrified of sand, sun, fun, and adventure. (They have our sympathies.)
Meanwhile, folks who don’t mind a little blue surf, silky sand, and golden sun are more than happy to set their respective compasses to the Gulf Coast where you can stay and play anywhere and do most anything you like. This is why we’ve come up with 10 reasons you must love the Gulf Coast (full disclosure: it was hard narrowing it down to 10).

All about that beach, ‘bout that beach

Enjoy the beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast spans over 1,600 miles, and it’s all glorious. What never changes are the pristine waters that roll in in varying hues of emerald, sea foam, turquoise, and aquamarine … all of which are easily enjoyed from a coastal vacation home or condo rental.

Whether you pick beachfront or bayside, there are thousands of views to choose from with Southern Vacation Rentals, which means you can have it your way. Watch waves roll in from on high in a luxurious vacation home or kick back with a cup of evening tea in a beach condo.

Weather, never better

Enjoy fantastic weather on the Gulf Coast


With over 237 days of sunshine per year, the weather is definitely a reason to love the Gulf Coast. It makes any time a perfect time to be on the beach. Speaking of weather, it never gets too cold (really, winter highs average in the 50s and 60s), so we say spring, summer, winter, fall … anytime you want.

Delectable dining

Enjoy delicious dining on your Gulf Coast vacation

In this natural setting, it would be a crime to eat anything other than what grows locally. Chefs cultivate fresh seafood and procure produce grown by area farmers to create inspired dishes.

Thus, the dining scene on the Gulf Coast is definitely a reason to love this part of the country. We should add that when we say ‘scene’, we mean it. Restaurants of all varieties offer beachside dining, which is guaranteed to enhance the flavor of whatever you’re having whether it’s stuffed grouper or crispy fried shrimp.

Won’t want to stop shopping

Go shopping on the Gulf Coast

Though the beach is the main attraction for R&R and fun under the sun, Gulf Coast shopping is a solid reason to love this region. Shopping centers with local boutiques, art galleries, jewelers, familiar brands, and more abound just a short hop from the beach. It’s retail therapy at its finest.

Fishing’s “reel” fun

Enjoy fishing on your Gulf Coast vacation

The Gulf Coast is a fisherman’s paradise. Bring the boat and get in the game with tournament fishing, or just fish off the pier for fun. You can also charter a boat for deep-sea adventures. Some restaurants along the coast even do what’s called a “hook and cook”, which means if you reel it in, they’ll clean it and cook it for you.

The beauty of eco tourism

Being able to fully immerse in the natural splendor of the area is definitely one of the main reasons we love the Gulf Coast. Rent a paddleboard, kayak, or bike your way to the beach. Visit state parks, and get off the grid. You can also plan a guided tour of the area and learn about migratory birds, plants, aquatic life, and more.

Wet & wild water sports

If your idea of fun on the water is taken at a slightly higher speed, then you’ll love the Gulf Coast for its water sports just as much as we do. Choose your passion from boating and snorkeling to riding wave runners, parasailing, and so much more.

Golf like a pro

Golf on championship golf courses on the Gulf Coast

Pristine, manicured championship golf courses are prevalent along the Gulf Coast. “Hit the links” playing through and enjoying one of the coast’s biggest attractions where luxury, peace and quiet, and sport seamlessly come together.

Local fun festivals

Music, food and wine, hot air balloons, arts and crafts, and other festivals are reason enough to get together and have some fun, but the fact that we have them here year-round is a definitely reason to love the Gulf Coast. Check out the scene where you’re staying to get the run-down on what’s going on before you come to town (because there’s always something going on).

Sail away on sunset dolphin cruises

No visit to the Gulf Coast is complete without a little marine life interaction. Sunset dolphin cruises provide an opportunity to do just that. Hop on a cruise and see some of nature’s smartest, friendliest mammals.

Needless to say, there’s more to love than these 10 things about the Gulf Coast, but who has time to keep counting when there’s fun to be had (kicking back and relaxing isn’t going to take care of itself)?

Come experience what we love about the Gulf Coast for yourself. Visit the Southern Vacation Rentals & Real Estate website to pick a place on the Gulf Coast and a vacation rental that suits your style. Let us help you plan an experience you’ll want to have again and again.