Get into the Outdoor Habit on the Greenbrier River Trail

Make 2017 the year your computer collects dust while you experience the glory of nature

If we learned nothing else from 2016, it has to be that life is way too short to sit around coming up with clever hashtags for our Instagram posts. We realize those bucket list items that have been collecting dust and cobwebs for the past 10 years aren’t going to check themselves off. To address those of hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding through a landscape worthy of fairytales, there’s no place like the Greenbrier River Trail in Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

Biking on the Greenbrier River Trail


Greenbrier River Trail: It’s the Other Way to Go Green

So, why Greenbrier River Trail, you ask, and not some other stunning sight in iconic Blue Ridge Country (because darn, West Virginia, you’re pretty!)?

Great question. Here’s why…

Greenbrier River Trail State Park is a 78-mile-long hall of fame inducted trail with (wait for it) a 1% grade from south to north, which means you won’t feel like the yodeler on the Price is Right (after he plummets off the mountain) because you foolishly tried to scale trails with impossible gradients.

Instead, you’ll be out there hiking, biking, and horseback riding through lush green forests. You’ll pass babbling brooks as you admire the abundant wildlife and flora and fauna. You’ll be appreciating all of those things, instead of weeping and wishing you’d picked up a Sherpa at the outdoor outfitters (not that that’s an option, mind you).

Speaking of places to get gear and good advice, there are outfitters (as well as resting areas) conveniently located along the trail, so you can easily start each new day’s journey near your accommodations.

It’s Prime Territory for Staying at Historic Lodgings & Mountain-Inspired Inns

PreCivil War Cabin on the Greenbrier River Trail

While we we’re coming for the 1% inclines, accessibility, and gorgeous scenery, we’re staying for the awesome trail lodging options that are located within five miles of the trail (sweet!). There are lodges, cabins, inns, and historic B&Bs located in the areas of Hillsboro, Marlinton, and Dunmore/Cass. It really is difficult to decide between Pre-Civil War cabins or a rustic cabin nestled in the heart of nature; however, trust us that there are options for every taste and every group size.

You Can Fuel Up for the Trail with a Blend of Great Local Eats

The dining scene in Pocahontas County is as diverse as the sleeping scene, which we like because it means everyone gets to have what they want whether it’s pizza, burgers, sandwiches, soups, or salads. There are also cocktails, coffee, breakfast biscuits, and ice-cream treats, perfect for getting the day going or for winding down in the evening. These are a few favorite local hubs where you can eat in addition to either stocking up on supplies or resting your head (or both):

There Are Events & Activities that Push You to Your Next Level

Biking on the Greenbrier River Trail

Though we probably painted a picture of a fairly quiet mountain escape, we should point out that there are lots of events that take place along Pocahontas County’s Greenbrier River Trail area. There are musical events and other festivals, but if you’re here to explore the great outdoors (and possibly to replace your Dorito addiction with something a smidge healthier), then you should be off to the races.

The family-friendly events that take place here can be ridden on two wheels or run (or walked) on two feet. These are some of the summer 2017 events that we’re looking forward to:

So, run, don’t walk (ok. Ok, walking is fine, too) to Pocahontas County and experience the Greenbrier River Trail for yourself. Life is too short to spend your time dreaming over Pinterest boards of what you want to do some day. Some day is now! So dig out the old bucket list and check off your outdoor wanderlust must-dos on the Greenbrier River Trail.

Greenbrier River Trail is a hall-of-fame inducted trail with stunning views, accessible lodging and outfitting. Visit the Pocahontas County CVB website to learn more and to see why you should start your commitment to getting out more on the Greenbrier River Trail