Being Southern

Beauvoir, the former home of Jefferson Davis, is an important part of Mississippi Gulf Coast history
Mississippi Gulf Coast History
As we kick off the fall season, it's the perfect time to get out and explore all the rich and interesting history that the Gulf Coast has to offer. The temperature is somewhat cooler, and it will be really cool for the whole family to take a trip back in time without having a DeLorean and a bolt of lightning to get them there. It will be a special time filled with memories that will last a lifetime.
Shop for food, local products, and much more at the Pensacola Palafox Market
Shop Locally at the Pensacola Palafox Market
An orange leaf dangles from a tree in my front yard and temperatures dip below eighty signaling the surrender of summer to autumn. Before the last piece of candy corn has been eaten, the holiday season is upon us. November is an ideal time to stop, reflect and give thanks for the abundance of riches in our own backyard.
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