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Outdoor Adventures in Virginia Coastal State Parks
Planning to vacation on the Virginia coast this summer, but hoping to avoid the crowds and the tee-shirt shops? Maybe you’d rather hike along a quiet beach, or enjoy a honeymoon picnic amidst the deep tranquility of a lonesome cape. Virginia’s coastal state parks have something for everyone, from the solo traveler in need of some personal time to the family seeking a weekend away from phones and television. Consider spending a day or two in one of these beautiful state parks this summer.
Get tips for RV Camping in the Smoky Mountains
Do’s and Don’ts of RV Camping in the Smoky Mountains
If you’d rather camp out in your RV than stay in a hotel or pitch a tent, the Smoky Mountains has a place for you. Camp in the National Park’s frontcountry campgrounds where you can easily access hiking trails and fishing spots, or choose one of the area’s well-loved RV campgrounds that cater specifically to the RV camper’s needs. Either way, you’ll find yourself nestled in scenic coves and along glittering streams, right on the edge of the wilderness you’ve come for.