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Outdoor Adventures in Virginia Coastal State Parks
Planning to vacation on the Virginia coast this summer, but hoping to avoid the crowds and the tee-shirt shops? Maybe you’d rather hike along a quiet beach, or enjoy a honeymoon picnic amidst the deep tranquility of a lonesome cape. Virginia’s coastal state parks have something for everyone, from the solo traveler in need of some personal time to the family seeking a weekend away from phones and television. Consider spending a day or two in one of these beautiful state parks this summer.
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5 Must-Stop Places On a Baton Rouge Road Trip
They say that life’s a journey, not a destination, so what’s the rush? It’s time to hop off the interstate and bring back the Great American Road Trip. I realize that not every road to somewhere is paved with something interesting; however, the roads leading to Baton Rouge, Louisiana are definitely paved with cool places to stop. Here are a few tried-and-true cool stops as you journey to Baton Rouge.
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Explore Florida History Down Upon the Suwannee River
Immortalized by Robert Foster’s famous song of the Old South, the Suwannee River has held a place in American culture since before the Civil War. With its headwaters in the Okefenokee Swamp of South Georgia, the meandering Suwannee River is rich in history as it flows south into North Florida where it twists and turns until finally reaching the Gulf of Mexico.
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