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Battle and Brew is one fun way to geek out in Atlanta
Geek Out in Atlanta
I’m pretty proud that my hometown recently earned the Nerdiest City in America title from And while we can spend hours debating the semantics of geek versus nerd, there’s no question that the ATL is a great spot to indulge your inner (and outer!) dork, whether you prefer the nerd label or the dork moniker.
Enjoy live music in Nashville which has the nickname Music City
Proof That Nashville Deserves the Nickname Music City
People argue about how Nashville earned its Music City nickname—some people credit David Cobb’s 1950 radio broadcast; others tip the hat to Queen Victoria, who allegedly complimented a traveling group of Nashville singers when she heard them in the 1870s. But wherever the name “Music City” comes from, it’s stuck for good reason—a fact you’ll discover for yourself on your Nashville vacation.
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